Japan Confirms Sea Shepherd Success in the Southern Ocean

Japan Confirms Sea Shepherd Success in the Southern Ocean


One of the Minke whales savedOne of the Minke whales saved
photo: Sea Shepherd Australia/Eliza Muirhead
The Japanese Institute for Cetacean Research, the front organisation for Japanese illegal whaling activities has released their kill records for 2012/2013.

They wanted 50 Humpbacks. They took none.

They wanted 50 Fin whales. They took none.

They wanted 935 Minke whales. They killed 103.

832 Minke whales not slain! 50 Humpbacks and 50 Fins not slaughtered!

During the 2010-2011 Operation No Compromise, the Japanese whaling fleet took 17% of their illegal self-allocated quota. During the 2011-2012 Operation Divine Wind, the Japanese whalers took 26% of their illegal self-allocated quota.

 103 Minke whales and zero Fin whales and zero Humpback whales translates into 9.96% of their combined quota. The whalers took only 11% of their Minke whale quota and zero percent of their Fin and Humpback quota.

These percentages translate into a financial disaster for the Japanese whalers. The overhaul of Nisshin Maru alone cost $24 million dollars. Outfitting, fuelling and operating costs added an additional estimated $11 million dollars. That figure may be much higher. Going on the conservative estimate of $35 million dollars, means that it cost the whalers a minimum of $340,000 per whale. There are only two words to describe this, “economic lunacy”. In addition there is the loss of prestige and the anger of the international community directed at the Japanese people.

Sea Shepherd would have reduced the killing much lower if not for the sucker punch delivered at the eleventh hour by the Ninth District Court of the United States that effectively knocked Sea Shepherd USA out of Operation Zero Tolerance by granting the Japanese whalers an injunction against intervention by Sea Shepherd USA.

Sea Shepherd Australia immediately swept up the banner, carried it down to the Southern Ocean and delivered the most determined campaign ever mounted to shut down the unlawful poaching activities of the Japanese whaling fleet in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. Sea Shepherd Australia predicted that the take would not exceed 10% and the overall take was indeed just under 10%.

Sea Shepherd’s Antarctic Captains; Jean Yves Terlain; Luis Manuel De Pinho; Paul Watson; Peter Hammarstedt; Sidharth ChakravartySea Shepherd’s Antarctic Captains; Jean Yves Terlain; Luis Manuel De Pinho; Peter Hammarstedt;
Sidharth Chakravarty with Sea Shepherd Founder Paul Watson  photo: Sea Shepherd Australia/Tim Watters

“Sea Shepherd Australia is elated that we have delivered the worst season to date to these whale poachers from Japan. These poachers have shown a complete disregard for cetacean life, human life and Australian and International law. By targeting protected and endangered whales in a whale sanctuary and risking massive oil spills in the pristine Antarctic wilderness, they are showing the world their contempt for ocean life and for the global community who has consistently called for an end to whaling,” said Jeff Hansen, Sea Shepherd Australia Director.

"One whale killed is still one whale killed too many. However, today we celebrate the fact that with courage and conviction in the face of great danger and adversity, the brave crews of the four Sea Shepherd ships were able to successfully prevent the Japanese whaling fleet from reaching more than ninety percent of their self-allocated quota. This has meant saving the lives of 932 threatened, endangered and protected whales,” said Captain Peter Hammarstedt.

"Nine years ago on Sea Shepherd’s first Whale Defense campaign the lives of 85 whales were saved. At the conclusion of the 9th Antarctic campaign, that number has increased 11-fold to 932. Operation Zero Tolerance is by far Sea Shepherd’s most successful campaign with the kill numbers being the lowest since the illegal research-whaling program started. It is a definitely an epic moment in Sea Shepherd’s history, however it is an even bigger one for the whales. Never has the sanctuary been more peaceful. While the crews and the ships bore the brunt of the violence at the hands of the Japanese Whaling Fleet, the whales were spared the harpoons,” said Captain Siddharth Chakravarty.

Victorious return for Sea Shepherd fleet
Mar. 20, 2013 – Melbourne, Australia:
Sea Shepherd Australia is proud to welcome home the 110 strong international crew and three ships, the Steve Irwin, Sam Simon and Bob Barker. They have arrived into Williamstown this morning after a historic campaign defending whales in the Southern ocean. Their return marks an end to the most successful campaign to date, with the Japanese whalers returning home with the lowest kill ever. All three Sea Shepherd ships were damaged after being struck multiple times by the 8,000 ton Nisshin Maru. The Sea Shepherd crew have endured attacks by concussion grenades and hit with water cannons. After all they have endured during their non-violent defence of whales, they return home knowing they will be recognized as heroes by Australians and supporters across the globe.
“Sea Shepherd Australia’s Operation Zero Tolerance has been Sea Shepherds most successful campaign to date. It has been a real honor to co-lead this campaign with conservation champion, Bob Brown. The support from all over the world has been very humbling and our team here in Australia has worked courageously behind the scenes supporting the bravest crew Sea Shepherd has ever seen. However, it is all with a heavy heart as the man that started it all, defending Australia’s whales in the Australian Antarctic Territory, Captain Paul Watson, can not be stepping a shore because the Australian Government will not announce his safe passage into Australia. A man that is an Australian hero, doing the work that the Australian government refuse to do, that the Australian public want done, is once again forced to go into hiding,” said Jeff Hansen, Director Sea Shepherd Australia.
“The really big welcome awaits Sea Shepherd founder, Paul Watson, when and if the Government clears his path to Melbourne,” said Bob Brown, Chair Sea Shepherd Australia.
"Sea Shepherd’s ninth campaign to Antarctica was named Operation Zero Tolerance because illegal whaling in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary in violation of an Australian Federal Court Ruling prohibiting the killing of threatened, endangered and protected whales cannot, and will
not, be tolerate by Sea Shepherd. It is with great pride that the Sea Shepherd crew returns to Melbourne, secure in the knowledge that everything was done in accordance with the law to give the whale poachers the worst killing season that they have ever had in history, in no small part thanks to the support of the whaling-loving people of Australia,” said Captain Peter Hammarstedt, Bob Barker
“Every single crew member can go home today proud of the fact that they have returned triumphant from the Southern Ocean having saved the lives of hundreds of whales. It has taken us 4 months and 15 days and more sea miles than it takes to circumnavigate the globe to ensure that Operation Zero Tolerance lived up to its name. The determination, resolve, strength and passion of the crews along with Sea Shepherd Australia has made this the most successful Southern Ocean campaign in 9 years,” said Captain Siddharth Chakravarty, Steve Irwin
"The entire crew of the Sam Simon and myself are happy that our months of hard work and hardship translated into a victory for life, beauty and nature, showing that determined people when united can achieve great feats, such as stopping greedy and illegal interests from damaging Antarctica’s pristine Eco-systems," said Captain Luis Manuel Pinho, Sam Simon
About Sea Shepherd Australia
Sea Shepherd Australia is a non-profit conservation organisation whose mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world’s oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species. Sea Shepherd Australia uses innovative direct-action tactics to investigate, document and take action when necessary to expose and confront illegal activities on the high seas. By safeguarding the biodiversity of our delicately balanced oceanic ecosystems, Sea Shepherd Australia works to ensure their survival for future generations. Visit www.seashepherd.org.au for more information.
Save The Kimberley


WA Election: James Price Point

Against a sweeping Liberal victory in Western Australia, the uproar in the famous little pearling town of Broome will be felt in the halls of power in Perth and Canberra.


The votes are in and the safe Labor seat of the Kimberley was returned by a paltry margin. Most will not notice what happened in the Kimberley… and that’s the way the Majors like it!

This of course happens all the time in seats all over Australia when governments fail, or when the constituency is ready for a change.

But a big thing happened in one of the world’s most isolated electorates yesterday, which will go unnoticed by all except the political few.

In a State swing of 8.5% to the Liberals –in what many see as a microcosm of the National macrocosm – you would expect it to be the Libs who nearly nudged the safe Kimberley Labour seat, but to everyone’s amazement, except the tiny little pearling and Aboriginal town of Broome, it was the Greens who nearly stole the show.

In what will definitely raise the attention of the 2 majors – Nationally – Broome and the Kimberley bucked the trend of the rest of WA. The Greens recorded an electoral vote of 25% which more than doubled its vote from the previous election. This is monstered though by the numbers that flowed from Broome, the town that would be immediately affected by the world’s largest gas refinery at the controversial James Price point site.


Chris Maher – the Greens candidate – collected 38% of the Broome vote (up 100 per cent on the last election), with the next closest being the Liberal candidate, Jenny Bloom, who received 28%.  The Liberal led State government are the proponent of the controversial James Price Point industrial precinct and deputy Federal leader Julie Bishop was visibly shocked on election night as the votes flowed away from her. There was a landslide swing to the Liberals throughout the rest of WA.  In addition to the substantial Green vote, both Labor and National votes indicated at least a majority of the Kimberley electorate want the State to consider alternative options for processing offshore Browse Basin gas and rejected the Barnett Government proposed coastal gas hub at James Price Point.  What got said by those parties during the campaign is telling. Labor’s Josie Farrer took a more neutral stance when she said she would follow the Traditional Owners of that area (Labor’s leader,  Mark McGowan, has publicly stated that he would not stand in the way of Browse gas being exploited in alternative Pilbara). Michelle Pucci from the National Party had also stated publicly that she didn’t think that James Price Point was a good idea.

The Greens decisive vote follows quickly on the heels of a recent Broome Shire survey which showed that only 30% of the Broome population was for the James Price Project.

Whilst Labor will once again represent the vast Kimberley electorate in Australia’s North West, the reverberations of a strong vote against a major proposal from a strong community will be heard in the halls of power in Perth and Canberra.

And it is this kind of organising, from grass roots campaigns, that will prick the ears of government and industry alike throughout the country, as the CSG and other campaigns build in intensity.



Kevin Blatchford & Mark Jones (East Coast): 041 4545 834

Peter Tucker (Broome): 0407 006 474


Nayri Niara means ‘Good Spirit’. Tasmania’s stunning Bruny Island (Lunawanna alonnah, home of the Nuenonne people) will be signing, dancing, weaving, talking and celebrating the good spirit of Aboriginal culture, innovation, healing and the arts.
This three-day festival (April 5 -7, 2013) is both a meeting place for Indigenous people to share their knowledge and ceremony and for all people to share their stories - around the campfire, on the dance floor, sharing a traditional kup-murri feed or in a workshop - Naryri Niara promises Good Music, Good Food, Good Yarns, Good Vibes!
Musical highlights include Xavier Rudd, OKA, Bobby Alu, members of the Blackarm band, Dewayne Everettsmith and local artists. Special guests from Australia and the USA include Bob Randall (Uluru), Jim Everett, James Medicine Tree, Frank Ansell, Ngangkerre (Traditional Healers) from the Central desert, Tav Sparks, Sea Shepherds, and more.
FULL INFO AT:  www.nayriniara.com
Adverse Weather Ends Whaling Season - Sea Shepherd Fleet Sets Sail for Homeport
Adverse Weather Ends Whaling Season
Sea Shepherd Fleet Sets Sail for Homeport
March 9th, 2013, Melbourne, Australia – After being escorted out of the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary by Sea Shepherd Australia, the Japanese whaling fleet made an about-face and headed back south, not for practicality, but for a dismal attempt to show pride in their cruel and illegal slaughter of whales.  Severe storms have meant that killing whales has been an impossible task for the whale poachers.
 The Sea Shepherd ships are en route to Seaworks Pier in Williamstown, Melbourne and should arrive in 11 days on Wednesday March 20th. The crews of the Steve Irwin, Bob Barker, Sam Simon and Brigitte Bardot will return knowing that the lives of hundreds of whales have been saved thanks to their efforts in what has been the most successful Antarctic Whale Defence Campaign yet; Operation Zero Tolerance.
 “Because of Sea Shepherd Australia and its brave crew, hundreds of whales will be swimming north alive instead of being transported to Tokyo as lumps of meat.”- Bob Brown, Chair Sea Shepherd Australia
 “This is an historic victory for Sea Shepherd Australia and our supporters.  We have been honored to manage and lead this campaign for the whales, defending the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary and in the absence of the Australian authorities, upholding the Australian Federal court ruling. I have been amazed at the bravery of all our ships crews and captains and disgusted with the whale poachers and Japanese Governments’ complete lack of respect for any life and Australian and International law.” – Jeff Hansen, Australian Director
 “Sea Shepherd Australia would like to send out a heartfelt thank you to all those people that have made this campaign possible, from our donors and supporters, to our on shore support bases, to all the children and school groups that have toured our ships and given notes of encouragement and thanks to our crew and of course to our wonderful staff and the legendary and inspirational Bob Brown, our co campaign leader. I look forward to seeing everyone for a hero’s welcome and after-party with the captains and crew at Seaworks in Williamstown.” – Jeff Hansen, Australian Director

Our friends at Sea Shepherd Australia have escorted the Japanese Whaling Fleet out of the the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. Read more about it here!

Operation Zero Tolerance Update from Captain Paul Watson, aboard the Steve Irwin. This is Sea Shepherd’s Ninth campaign to Antarctica’s Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary to protect and defend threatened and endangered whales from Japanese Government-funded poachers.. watch it HERE - http://youtu.be/nf9BQeGA1FI

The Thin Green Line Foundation are launching ‘Green Line Grooves’ on Friday 7 December at the Retreat Hotel in Brunsiwck, Melbourne.
It is a compilation CD featuring tracks from Archie Roach, Mia Dyson, Ash Grunwald, John Butler, Dan Sultan, Tex Perkins… as well as Xavier Rudd’s ‘Energy Song’.All proceeds from the album goes towards Thin Green Line’s amazing work in conservation.http://www.thingreenline.org.au 

The Thin Green Line Foundation are launching ‘Green Line Grooves’ on Friday 7 December at the Retreat Hotel in Brunsiwck, Melbourne.

It is a compilation CD featuring tracks from Archie Roach, Mia Dyson, Ash Grunwald, John Butler, Dan Sultan, Tex Perkins… as well as Xavier Rudd’s ‘Energy Song’.

All proceeds from the album goes towards Thin Green Line’s amazing work in conservation.


'Minds In The Water' has been released in the US on DVD (available via the website and in surf shops), or online through iTunes and Video on Demand.
The film follows vegan soul surfer Dave Rastovick around the world in a quest to protect dolphins, whales & other marine animals, featuring Xavier Rudd and his music.
Watch it today at http://bit.ly/RYmTB6 or visit http://mindsinthewater.com/ for more information.One love.

'Minds In The Water' has been released in the US on DVD (available via the website and in surf shops), or online through iTunes and Video on Demand.

The film follows vegan soul surfer Dave Rastovick around the world in a quest to protect dolphins, whales & other marine animals, featuring Xavier Rudd and his music.

Watch it today at http://bit.ly/RYmTB6 or visit http://mindsinthewater.com/ for more information.

One love.

Xavier Rudd has kindly donated a signed termite-hollowed Australian hardwood yidaki to raise much needed funds for the Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Rehab Centre.

The yidaki is from Xavier’s personal collection. He has donated it in an online auction raising money for the  Cockatoo Rehab Centre, which is situated just outside of Perth, Western Australia.


It is a cause very close to Xavier’s heart since visiting there during his national Spirit Bird album tour. The Black Cockatoos are extremely endangered, and their stunning call features on his latest album, Spirit Bird. 

The auction runs till Wednesday 31 October, and bids are all placed via the Kaarakin auction facebook page.


Item 50 is the signed Xavier Rudd didge -


Please help support the mob at Kaarakin and the amazing work they do to help protect our native Spirit Birds. 

The auction is open to bids worldwide, however postage is an additional cost and all bids must be made in Australian Dollars.